Dunkin’ Donuts New Year’s Contest

Dunkin’ Donuts is offering a very unique marketing campaign to bring in the new year. They have launched a contest on their Facebook Page asking their customers to take photos and videos wishing everyone a happy new year. The innovative part of the contest is that the winning photos and videos will be displayed on a billboard in Times Square during the New Year’s festivities.

The contest launched this morning and is a great way for the brand to engage with their followers and reward them for engaging with Dunkin’ Donuts.

Image courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Facebook Page

App of the Week – Evernote

Evernote is an incredibly useful app for both iPhone and Android smart phones.  Evernote is a clipping-and-organizing tool making it possible to remember anything! Take pictures of business cards, record ideas when they come to you, or simply save a website article pertaining to your current projects. Whatever your needs Evernote is a useful solution to help you stay organized.

Evernote also provides you with Mac and PC version to easily share all your notes and clippings across all devices. They also have an amazing web clipper tool that works with your browser to help you to easily save and store useful information with a just a few clicks. We highly recommend this app and urge you all to give it a try.

Evernote for iPhone
Evernote for Android 

Instagram by the Numbers INFOGRAPHIC

Instagram is here to stay. The fastest growing social network went from $0 to $1Billion in under a year. Below is an amazing Infographic to help you understand just how big this phenomenon is. If you aren’t on Instagram yet download the app now and explore… you will get addicted.


Philadelphia’s Finest

Philadelphia police are getting a lot of press, but for all the wrong reasons. The video above which went viral shows a Philadelphia Police officer cracking a woman in the face, who did absolutely nothing wrong. A man behind her is seen squirting water at the cops, and the officer assumes the petite lady is to blame and gives her a pop to the chin. I hope this man at the very least get’s fired, and hopefully sees some jail time.


Jonathan Josey, who has been fired, was charged Thursday with simple assault.

District Attorney Seth Williams says he made the decision after carefully reviewing the video. Williams says police were responding to a chaotic situation, but the use of force was unnecessary.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey supports this decision.