A couple months ago I found this company through my Facebook connections and tried it out on our website. The results were instant: on the very first day, 3 potential clients used the live chat to ask about our services. We were able to transform those leads into projects and everybody at Brand Revive was so excited about this new live chat feature.

5 cool things about HeyBubble:

    • Price: it’s Free!
    • It’s super easy to install and customize
    • It adds so much value to your site goers’ experience

  • Their customer service is super friendly and responsive
  • Last but not least: it’s a French company! ☺

Ok, so after testing out this feature on our own website for several weeks, we decided to share the love and install it on some of our clients’ websites: they loved it!

When you think about it, why wouldn’t you have a live chat feature on your site?
Live chat support makes your customer service and support system more personal. In our case, we were able to customize the chat and have our operators be certified nerds to assist visitors. Cool! We can add a picture of the operator, and put our name, email, phone number, etc..
We can also set it so the messages go to our skype, etc.. but Brand Revive is a webdesign company, we are all always on our computers, so we just open heybubble window on our browser and we’re good to go!
If nobody is online at the time where a customer needs help, they have the option to send us an email instead.

Any business adding customer support services will help to increase customers’ satisfaction and hopefully exponentially increase their ROI.

There are also detailed real time monitoring stats as well as traffic stats reports which may be used for marketing purposes and will be a great assistance in knowing what your site goers are looking for, and thus make a more responsive website design. It is also a great tool to know where the site goers go on your site, and when you chat with them, you know what page they are on and how much time they spent on your site.
At the end of the chat, they can email and/or print the chat history to an email address.

Live Chat is the best option for interacting with website visitors or customers and engages them proactively.
I found a cool infographic explaining why you should add live chat to your website:

Why You Should Add Live Chat to Your Website [Infographic]

Source: Why You Should Add Live Chat to Your Website