Why we Love the Internet

Throwback Web Design – Boy the web was ugly

Web Design trends change very often and with modern technology we can do a lot more with a website than we could have 10 years ago. You don’t know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been. Today we are highlighting the way the web was in its infancy. Below are some screen shots of some of the most popular sites when they were babies. Just like no person is happy with the way they looked in their adolescence, these sites sure are ugly.

Check out these hideous layouts and let us know what you think!

Brand Revive gets a Live Chat and customer support tool: HeyBubble!

A couple months ago I found this company through my Facebook connections and tried it out on our website. The results were instant: on the very first day, 3 potential clients used the live chat to ask about our services. We were able to transform those leads into projects and everybody at Brand Revive was so excited about this new live chat feature.

5 cool things about HeyBubble:

  • Price: it’s Free!
  • It’s super easy to install and customize
  • It adds so much value to your site goers’ experience

This is why I’m Broke

So we all have reasons why we are broke, but I think this is my favorite. Take all the things of the Internet that are awesome, combine them with something you can buy, and now put them all on the same site. BAM! That’s what Thisiswhyimbroke.com is, it’s a collection of everything on the Internet that you either wish you had the money to afford or you haven’t even finished reading this post and are already moving around money to buy that sweet Stormtrooper helmet (I mean really who can resist it). The site has a medley of everything from nerdy to funny to just downright awesome. There is only one downside to the entire site and that is, I don’t have enough money to buy it all. Fair warning to anyone who goes there, your going to want all of it. So why not put it in your bookmarks and save it for when you have the money to afford some cool stuff.

This is why I’m Broke

Evian Cute Baby Videos

It is no surprise that some of the most watched videos on YouTube are ones of cute babies. Evian capitalized on this baby craze in 2009 starting their YouTube Channel Evian Babies. The video attached has received over 65 Million views and was one of several videos put out by Evian on this YouTube Marketing Channel. Evian was very smart and calculated in their approach to these campaigns. They made YouTube commercials utilizing keywords that people search every day like “Cute Baby”. They spent their time creating entertaining, cute, hilarious videos that don’t have a whole lot to do with water, they do however, carry the brand’s image and slogan.  With the total amount of impressions of all these videos approaching 1 Billion, it’s safe to say they did a great job with this. I mean who doesn’t love roller skating babies?!

The best Superbowl ad you never saw

Ferrell’s ad for Old Milwaukee beer aired in just three markets: Sherman, Texas; Ardmore, Okla., and Glendive, Mont., making it one of the least-viewed major commercials during the Super Bowl.

Now it is one of the most talked about ads of the Superbowl. Just goes to show you that breaking your budget on a huge commercial isn’t the only way to get exposure.

Enjoy the Ad, we know we did!

Instagram Mock Videos

This may be one of the funniest mock videos I have ever seen. They do a great job of  mocking the most avid Instagram “artists.” While watching, I am sure you’ll all picture that friend that you have who is always taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Damn You Auto Correct – Why we love the Internet

This blog type website can keep you entertained for minutes or hours, how ever long you have. Users upload auto correct disasters and others comment and share them. Below are some of our favorite. Be careful this site can take hours from your life that you’ll never get back.

Check out Damn You Auto Correct