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Project Description

Prize Driven had contracted with another web firm to create their website, but, unfortunately as we see with a lot of our new clients, the web firm vanished and they were nowhere to be found, and the website was obviously not finished, and not functional.

We completely redesigned the website and made a custom responsive WordPress theme for them.

Prize Driven is a website that allows companies to create a contest to get a logo, a flyer, etc.. and allows designers to sign up and enter the contest. We created a complex contest functionality showing red-yellow-green lights to show a contest’s progress, a dedicated platform for designers to sign up and enter the contests, a store where site goers can buy finished products, etc…

We designed a set of flat icons along with complete branding for the brand’s website.

It is a very simple site to manage for Prize Driven and we wish them an excellent success as we feel that is a great idea for a designers platform, allowing students, designers, etc… to enter contests and earn money.