RTA – Ridgewood Tri Athlete Club

Project Description

RTA (Ridgewood Tri Athlete Club) is a triathlon club and a multisport coaching business centered in Bergen County, NJ. They needed a complete overhaul of their website and they asked us to create a custom portal to help them with their athletes’ training.  They wanted to have a website they could easily manage and update because they wanted to be able to post, add new resources, programs, create new pages, etc.. so we did just that!
We designed their website using their native colors, and created icon sets they could use throughout their website and other platforms. Using WordPress we created a complete custom theme that matched exactly what they need, custom post type, custom back end so they can easily and without any programming knowledge change their homepage sliders, and pretty much anything else on their site.
We developed a clients portal for them so that they could privately exchange with their athletes: they now each have their own secure integrated training log account and dedicated portal.
We created a lot of cool other features to try and make every single page and item on their site easily editable by RTA. After all, investing in a new site shouldn’t only be about a nice face lift … It should also make your life easier as a business owner!