Social Media Contests

Social Media contests are a great inexpensive way for a brand to engage with their social media followers and to attract new clients to their brand. If you are looking to increase your followers or simply to reward your current followers a Social Media Contest may be right for you. Brand Revive makes this process easier than ever. Get a Social Media Contest developed through Brand Revive and we will provide you with everything you need to get going, and even help with the promotion itself. Please read about each of our contests below and contact us anytime to discuss your Social Media Contest.


Instagram Contests

When it comes to Social Media Contests, Instagram is a great choice. Brand Revive will sit down with your team and help you come up with an innovative, engaging contest to help promote your brand. We will provide you with all Legal Documents, as well as a Landing Page for you contest on our partner website Instagram Contests. You will receive your own landing page URL to easily share your contest. Your page will stream current contest entries and provide the rules, prize and dates of the contest.

Facebook Contests

The best way for you to expand your reach on Facebook is to get your followers to engage with your page.¬†Every time¬†they do all of their followers, will see this story in their newsfeeds. A great way to get those comments is to host your own caption contest. Facebook is pretty strict with their Rules and Regulations for hosting your own contests, but don’t worry we will provide you with everything you need to run a successful contest. Below is an example of a Contest we ran on our Facebook page. For the cost of two Flyers tickes ($200) we were able to get over 100 entries and gain more than 500 followers. Let us do the same for you!

Twitter Contests

For small businesses twitter is always the toughest platform to jump into. Most business owners flocked to Facebook because they have personal pages and understand the site. Twitter is all about engagement. If you sit idle you’ll miss out on the great interactions and conversations your competitors are having now. A great way to get started on Twitter is to run a Contest. With a cool prize and creative contest you can quickly gain followers for your brand. Brand Revive can provide you with everything you will need to accomplish this. We will provide you with your own landing page, which will stream your contest entries in real time. The page will also have the contest rules and regulations. Contact us today to begin your Twitter with a cool, creative contest.

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